RECONCILIATION OF OUTSTANDING GATEPASSES.....     ProCare has started functioning at RM locations, Here is the contact details .....     No cycles will be allowed inside Tata Steel from 1st August 2015.....     `Need extra Care on Safety during Monsoon-2015`.....     Date Extended for Service Tax Billing for work done upto 31.05.2015-EBILLING SYSTEM.....     For any unethical practices please inform Ethics Counsellor ,For contact details please see the attachment.....     Generate ECCI For Material Delivery at KPO , Central Warehouse With Immediate Effect "Delivery Timing 8Am To 3 Pm.....     Submission of declaration in Form JVAT 404 for FY 2011-12 &amp; 2012-13 to M/s Tata Steel Ltd, Jamshedpur (TIN<BR>20251001839)<BR>.....     Search for Banned Vehicle by TSL.....     Road permit validity period(important notice).....    

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Author: Ethics Published on 31-Aug-2011